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We are an up and coming group of dedicated players on a mobile MMORTS game called Galaxy Empires published for the Android OS by Gamevil. We reside on the Jupiter server and are quickly becoming one of the top alliances. Browse this site to learn more about us and how to contact us if you are interested.

Note to members: If you are having issues with the Guild Chat option, use the link under "Site Pages" not under "Account" and remember to check the General Discussion Forum for important updates and information.

Site Created January 21st 2013. Updates are regularly posted. See the forums for more information.
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Xero111887, Feb 13, 13 9:00 PM.
Apologies for the site lacking in maintenance. I have promoted MrChaos and GalaxyBeast to site admin level to assist with this. As we grow stronger this site is going to become vital, especially within the top 5.

There are many features here... voting polls, discussion forums, an event calendar. Officer rankings and higher can create / edit the polls and calendar, everyone can access the various discussion boards. PLEASE pay attention to the forum headings. There is a public forum that ANYONE can use (member or random person), a MEMBERS ONLY forum which cannot be seen by anyone outside of our alliance, and and OFFICERS ONLY forum that the VPs and higher can access to exchange delicate information.

I have noticed people are doing weekly resource give-aways. Lets put these on the calendar and give access to the full alliance instead of catching people online. If members know it's happening then they can prepare to participate. If you do not have the required access level to create these events please message me either privately thru the website or using the in-game mail.

There IS a chat room feature on this site... it does function... I'm not sure how well it works on mobile (need more than one person to test it) but we need to figure this out as I think it works much better than the one provided in-game.

Let's get this rolling and really use this site to its full potential. Thank You.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Xero111887, Jan 21, 13 9:52 PM.
Site has been moved here to Guild Portal where we will have access to many more options and even greater flexibility. Welcome all and I hope you enjoy this much better than the original site. Let's continue growing as a team and utilize this new home to its full potential.
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